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Latest CSHL Authors' Publications

CSHL Authors' Publications Database provides access to all articles published by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory scientists (1892 - 2012).
We are in the process of creating a bio page for each CSHL Principal Investigator, including a link to their home pages, and a video clip of their current research.
Please contact the library for additions or comments.

Double-stranded DNA in exosomes: a novel biomarker in cancer detection
Abstract: Exosomes, small membrane vesicles (30-100 nm) of endocytic origin secreted by most cell types, contain functional biomolecules, which can be horizontally transferred to recipient cells1. Exosomes bear a specific protein and lipid composition, and carry a select set of functional mRNAs and microRNAs2. Recently, our group has shown that c-Met shed in exosomes can promote a proangiogenic and prometastatic phenotype in bone marrow-derived progenitor cells during melanoma progression3. In previous research, retrotransposon RNA transcripts, single-stranded DNA (ssDNA), mitochondrial DNA, and oncogene amplifications (i.e., c-myc) have been detected in microvesicles4,5,6. In this report, we provide evidence that tumor-derived exosomes carry double-stranded DNA (dsDNA), as demonstrated through two different approaches, using enzymatic methods (dsDNA-specific shrimp DNase) and physical/structural studies (atomic force microscopy, AFM). Furthermore, we show that exosomal DNA (exoDNA) represents the entire genome and reflects the mutational status of parental tumor cells. We also highlight the translational value of exoDNA in tumor-derived exosomes for its potential usefulness as a circulating biomarker in the early detection of cancer and metastasis.
Thakur BK,
Zhang H,
Becker A,
Matei I,
Huang Y,
Costa-Silva B,
Zheng Y,
Hoshino A,
Brazier H,
Xiang J,
Williams C,
Rodriguez-Barrueco R,
Silva JM,
Zhang W,
Hearn S,
Elemento O,
Paknejad N,
Manova-Todorova K,
Welte K,
Bromberg J,
Peinado H,
Lyden D

Cell Research
  (0): Apr 8 2014

Large-Scale Identification and Analysis of Suppressive Drug Interactions
Abstract: One drug may suppress the effects of another. Although knowledge of drug suppression is vital to avoid efficacy-reducing drug interactions or discover countermeasures for chemical toxins, drug-drug suppression relationships have not been systematically mapped. Here, we analyze the growth response of Saccharomyces cerevisiae to anti-fungal compound (drug) pairs. Among 440 ordered drug pairs, we identified 94 suppressive drug interactions. Using only pairs not selected on the basis of their suppression behavior, we provide an estimate of the prevalence of suppressive interactions between anti-fungal compounds as 17%. Analysis of the drug suppression network suggested that Bromopyruvate is a frequently suppressive drug and Staurosporine is a frequently suppressed drug. We investigated potential explanations for suppressive drug interactions, including chemogenomic analysis, coaggregation, and pH effects, allowing us to explain the interaction tendencies of Bromopyruvate.
Cokol M,
Weinstein ZB,
Yilancioglu K,
Tasan M,
Doak A,
Cansever D,
Mutlu B,
Li S,
Rodriguez-Esteban R,
Akhmedov M,
Guvenek A,
Cetiner S,
Giaever G,
Iossifov I,
Nislow C,
Shoichet B

Chemistry Biology
  (0): Apr 2 2014
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