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Eugenics Materials
   Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Archives

Eugenical News..small, monthly newspaper....7 years....bound

Vol. 1 1916; Vol. 2 1917; Vol. 3 1918; Vol. 4 1919; Vol. 5 1920; Vol. 6 1921; Vol. 7 1922

Bibliographia Eugenica Supplement to "Eugenical News"..issued quarterly

Vol. 1 1927-1930 Part 1-16; Vol. 2 1931-1934 Part 1-13

Eugenics Record Office Bulletins Three Volumes: 1-9, 10A-17, and 18-24

1. Heredity of Feeble Mindedness . Henry H. Goddard, Ph.D. 1911

2. The Study of Human Heredity . Charles B. Davenport, H.H. Laughlin, David F. Weeks, M.D., E.R. Johnstone, & Henry H. Goddard. May, 1911

3. Preliminary Report of a Study of Heredity in Insanity in the Light of the Mendelian Laws . Gertrude L. Cannon, A.M. & A.J. Rosanoff, M.D. May,1911

4. A First Study of Inheritance in Epilepsy . C.B. Davenport & David F. Weeks, M.D.November,1911

5. A Study of Heredity of Insanity in the Light of the Mendelian Theory. A.J. Rosanoff, M.D. & Florence I. Orr, B.S. 1911

6. The Trait Book. C.B. Davenport. February,1912

7. The Family-History Book. Compiled by Charles B. Davenport. September, 1912

8. Some Problems in the Study of Heredity in Mental Diseases. Henry A. Cotton, M.D. August, 1912

9. State Laws Limiting Marriage Selection. (Examined in the Light of Eugenics) Charles B. Davenport. June, 1913

10A. I. The Scope of the Committee's Work. Harry H. Laughlin. February, 1914

10B. II. The Legal, Legislative and Administrative Aspects of Sterilization. Harry H. Laughlin. February 1914

11. Reply to the Criticism of Recent American Work by Dr. Heron of the Galton Laboratory. C.B. Davenport & A.J. Rosanoff, M.D. February, 1914

12. The Feebly Inhibited. Violent Temper and Its Inheritance. C.B. Davenport. September, 1915

13. How to Make a Eugenical Family Study. Charles B. Davenport & Harry H. Laughlin. June, 1915

14. Hereditary Fragility of Bone. (Fragilitas Osseus, Osteopsathyrosis) H.S. Conard & C.B. Davenport. November, 1915

15. The Dack Family. A Study in Hereditary Lack of Emotional Control. Mrs. Anna Wendt Finlayson. May, 1916

16. The Hereditary Factor in Pellegra. Charles B. Davenport. (and) A Study of the Heredity of Pellegra in Spartanburg County, South Carolina Elizabeth B. Muncey, M.D. July, 1916

17. Huntington's Chorea in Relation to Heredity and Eugenics Charles B. Davenport. October, 1916

18. Inheritance of Stature Charles B. Davenport. July, 1917

19. Multiple Neurofibromatosis (Von Recklinghausen's Disease) and its Inheritance: With Description of a Case. Samuel A. Preiser, M.D. & Charles B. Davenport. October, 1918

20. Heredity of Constitutional Mental Disorders. Charles B. Davenport. October, 1920

21. A Bibliography of Hereditary Eye Defects. Lucien Howe. May, 1921

22. The Inheritance of Specific Musical Capacities. Hazel M. Stanton. April, 1922

23. The Hereditary Factor in the Etiology of Tuberculosis. Albert Govaerts, M.D.September, 1922

24. Body Build: Its Development and Inheritance. C.B. Davenport. February, 1925


American Eugenics Society

American Philosophical Society

Eugenics Advisory Committee

Eugenics Record Office - Financial Statement

Eugenics Research Association

Genetics Record Office - Correspondence (5 files)

Genetics Record Office - Copies of Forms

Genetics Record Office - Misc. files - Mr. Peckham's (4 files)

Genetics Record Office - Property

Genetics Record Office - Sample Pedigree Charts

Genetics Record Office - Termination

Dept. of Genetics - Biological Laboratory-Plans for Unified Operation

Laughlin, H. H.

Davenport, Charles Benedict - Retirement

Davenport, Charles Benedict - 1944 Biography, Will, Obituary, Etc.

Davenport, Charles Benedict (11 files)


Harry Laughlin; C.B.Davenport


Eugenics Training Classes (early class photos); Eugenics Records Office (building photos); C.B. Davenport (personal photos); Harry Laughlin (more group photos); Harris Collection (misc. Photos of people and groups)


18. RGH- Algiers trip- Eugenics data

38. RGH- "Evolution and Eugenics"

13. RGH- Eugenics reports and corresp. for life extension inst. 1924- 1925

14. RGH- life extension institute "Dept.. of Eugenics and Anthropology"

Eugenics Records Office holdings in the CSHL Archives.

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