Amar Klar - About Barbara McClintock

I remember two times you know I gave a seminar in James. And one time Albrecht-Buehler Guenther is a physicist never had genetics and everything, a very bright fellow, but he kept on asking questions. Question after question and in the meantime people are getting frustrated because they want to hear what I'm gonna say. But he was discovering Mendelism and everything right from the beginning in front of all nine yards. And Barbara said, "I'll explain to you later." (Laughter.) Nobody else could say to Albert and everything. And the second time I gave a talk because she really loved this kind of weird experiment (??) that we were doing. I mean, she'd done those things. And Gerry Fink, in the usual way, gave me, not hard time just because he's teaching a course so he wanted to say how you ask a question. How do you make it clear and so, Gerry was going on and on and everything and it was the Pombe experiment I was talking about NCI/Frederick (??) and so forth and the second time when everybody left, Gerry was there and she said to me "Amar, I don't want you to change no matter what anybody else thinks." (Laughter.) Gerry probably won't remember it. But so she would step in at the right time only, one on one it was pretty hard, but I benefited greatly from her. She was, one time, I wrote in her birthday book that my interaction with her just amazing, just one after the other, one after the other. "If so, Amar," she is saying, "then we should be doing this." I said, "We've done it." "If so, then we should be doing it." All the way to _____(??). I just went home that day, with a party in the Watson's house. I was sitting right next to Jim and I said, "That's the smartest person I ever met." And Jim said, "Are you sure?" (Laughter.)