Robert Martienssen - Pioneering the Field of "Epigenetics"

So most of my memories of her are really centered around science and the interest that I had in that area and actually still do. I mean, the impact of her thinking on gene expression and the impact of genome organization on gene expression was really very ahead of its time and it's really only now that we're beginning to see the implications for it. There's a whole new field called epigenetics which, in many important respects, she founded. I mean, she wouldn't have called it epigenetics. In fact, she'd probably be upset by that sort of name. She had very firm opinions about some things like that. But really her initial work on the phenomena that she called presetting and cycling and transposable elements were epigenetic phenomena, some of the first to be properly described, and really that's one of the foundations of that field. So that's really my strongest memories of her [and] about her discussions of that, those issues.