Evelyn Witkin - A Funny Incident

There was one funny incident I must tell you. One of these calls, she called me up and said, "Come on down I have something to show you." I came down. She had some corn kernels with-most of her observations where on colored spots on kernels of corn-and she said, "Take a look at these kernels, what do you see?" I came and I saw purple spots and I didn't see much else and she said, "Don't you see they're paired. There's pairs of small ones and pairs of large ones and it's if there's some timed event that's happening simultaneously in two cells." Sure enough as soon as she said I should… I could see it! Anyway she didn't know what it meant, but she was sure it was something interesting. I went back to my lab about ten minutes later the phone rings. "Forget it, Evelyn," she said, " I have found out that if you just put random spots on a piece of paper and decided to look at them as paired you will see them as paired." (Laughter.) So it didn't take her very long to realize that it was an illusion and there was nothing there.