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Journal Holdings List
30 Title(s) on File
IEEE/ACM transactions on computational biology and bioinformatics
Online v. 1 (2004)-
Online v. 1 (1994)-, see online catalog for storage holdings
Immunity & ageing
Online v. 1 (2004)-
Storage v. 3-8 (1966-1971), v. 11 (1974), v. 13-15 (1976-1978)
Immunological reviews
Online v. 149 (1996)-, see online catalog for storage holdings
Online v. 1 (1958)-, with 1 year moving wall, see online catalog for print holdings
Immunology & cell biology
Online v. 65-95 (1987-2017), 10/5/18 Journal archive seems to be in between providers and not currently accessible (Nature, Wiley)
Immunology today
Online v. 16-21 (1995-2000), Storage v. 1-20 (1980-1999), continued by Trends in immunology
In silico biology
Storage v. 1-2 (1998-2001)
In vitro - Animal
Online v. 33 (1997)-
In vitro - Plant
Online v. 33 (1997)-
Industrial & engineering chemistry
Online v. 1-18 (1929-1946), continued by Analytical chemistry
Infant behavior & development
Online v. 18 (1995)-
Infection and immunity
Online v. 1 (1970)-
International congress series
Online v. 1219-1304 (2001-2007), ceased publication in 2008
International journal of biochemistry & cell biology
Online v. 27-45 (1995-2012)
International journal of cancer
Online v. 65 (1996)-
International journal of developmental neuroscience
Online v. 13 (1995)-
International journal of epilepsy
Online v. 1 (2014)-
International journal of immunogenetics
Online v. 32-36 (2005-2009), Storage v. 32 (2005), continues European journal of immunogenetics
International journal of plant sciences
Online v. 153 (1992)-, 3 year moving wall, continues Botanical gazette
International journal of psychophysiology
Online v. 19 (1995)-
International review of cell and molecular biology
Main Library Brenner Room v. 266 (2008)-, continues International review of cytology
International review of cytology
Main Library Brenner Room v. 184-265 (1998-2008), continued by International review of cell and molecular biology
International review of neurobiology
Neuro v. 19-119 (1976-2014)
International seminars in surgical oncology
Online v. 1 (2004)-
Storage v. 1-36 (1973-1993)
Online content from IOP Publishing (Institute of Physics) and its partners, CSHL Library holds online subscriptions to many of the journals
See online catalog for print holdings
Issues in science and technology
Online (Fall 1996)-, see online catalog for print holdings

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