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Journal Holdings List
29 Title(s) on File
Rapid communications in mass spectrometry
Online v. 11-23 (1997-2009)
RBM : a journal of rare books, manuscripts, and cultural heritage
Online v. 1 (1986)-, 1 year moving wall, contact Archives staff for print holdings
Records [of the Genetics Society of America]
Archives v. 1-29 (1933-1960)
Regulatory peptides
Online v. 55 (1995)-
Report of the Canadian Seed Growers' Association
see Canadian Seed Growers' Association. Report
Online v. 121 (2001)-, 1 year moving wall, formed by the merger of Journal of reproduction and fertility and Reviews of reproduction
Reproductive biology and endocrinology
Online v. 1 (2003)-
Reproductive health
Online v. 1 (2004)-
Research in autism spectrum disorders
Online v. 1 (2007)-
Research in developmental disabilities
Online v. 16 (1995)-
Research trends
Online, Issue 1 (September 2007)-
Respiration physiology
Online v. 99-129 (1995-2002), continued by Respiratory physiology & neurobiology
Respiratory physiology & neurobiology
Online v. 130 (2002)-, continues Respiration physiology
Respiratory research
Online v. 1 (2000)-
Results and problems in cell differentiation
Online volumes 2006-, Main Library Brenner Room v. 1 (1968)-
Online v. 1 (2004)-
Reviews in genetic toxicology
see Mutation research. Reviews in genetic toxicology
Reviews in mutation research
see Mutation research. Reviews in mutation research
Reviews of infectious diseases
Online v. 1-13 (1979-1991), continued by Clinical infectious diseases
Reviews of modern physics
Online v. 2 (1930)-, continues The physical review supplement
Reviews of physiology, biochemistry and pharmacology
Online 2005-, Neuro v. 70 (1974)-
Reviews of reproduction
Online v. 1-5 (1996-2000), merged with Journal of reproduction and fertility to form Reproduction
Reviews on cancer
see Biochimica et biophysica acta: Reviews on cancer
Revue neurologique
Online v. 160 (2004)-
Online v. 1 (1995)-, see online catalog for print holdings
RNA biology
Online v. 1 (2004)-, 1 year moving wall
Rocznik medyczny
See Polish annals of medicine
Royal Society open science
Online v. 1 (2014)-
Russian journal of genetics
Online v. 36, no. 12 (Dec 2000)-

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